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nerd.of.steel: Rocco Augsuto

I am a Web Developer, Consultant, and former Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) based out of the City of Roses - Portland, Oregon. I have over 16 years of education and experience in the art of Web Design and Development and have no plans to stop my quest for knowledge anytime soon. Over the past couple years I have been moving into the mobile Internet space and started developing applications for the Google Android platform.

Tiny Shopper v1.0 Released

Posted: Oct 3, 11:44 PM

Tiny Shopper is a small shopping list application that I have been writing in my spare time. My goal was to create a shopping list application that that focused on design and simplicity. Something where I wouldn’t have to fiddle around with bar code scanning or categorizing based on rows. I’m a lazy shopper and I do not like to have to sit around and waste too much time fiddling with things that are just making the situation way more complicated then it needed to be.

As for the application itself, it has one main input field on the top of the screen. From there you put in the item you want, then the price of the item, and then the quantity. Easy as pie allowing you to quickly add items to the list as fast as you could send a one sentence text message. (e.g. “Bread, $0.89, 2”). If you don’t happen to know the price or the quantity that you want you can just leave those blank and it will put in default values. The app will also keep a real time calculation of the items in your list and the items added to your physical cart so you’re always aware of how much you are spending.

You can download the application free via Android Market. If you like the application and would like to donate a little something towards its development – aka beer money – you can also download the special “Donation Edition” of Tiny Shopper for only $1.29!